Luua Forestry School is the only vocational school in Estonia specialising in different forestry-related subjects. The college owns 3500 hectares of forest area, a disc sawmill, a tree nursery and a 7,5 ha arboretum with different wood plants or their varieties serving as a study base for the students.
There are three main teaching fields at the school: forestry as well as gardening and nature tourism.
There are about 400 students in our school and about 40 teachers.
Luua FS also offers a wide range of different supplementary courses. Approximately 600 adults attend the courses annually.
The school is also participating in several international projects.
Luua FS has a strong partnership with companies of forestry, gardening and nature tourism.
Through the projects and partnership is the school also active in Europe.
Luua Forestry School
Palamuse Commune
49203 Jõgeva County
Tel +372 776 2111
Fax +372 776 2110